Store Wicker Furniture during the winter

In most sections of the country, the vast majority of patio furniture types can be left outside. Both the body material and the structure, according to experts, may make or break your outdoor furniture throughout the winter. While the fabrics used to cover a chaise chair, for example, maybe watertight, the framework may not be. Wicker furniture is a challenging instance. The vast majority of wicker outdoor furniture is made from a sort of plastic or vinyl that is as appealing as real wicker but far more durable. However, not all resin wickers are the same. The bulk of wicker patio furniture is made of one of two synthetic plastics: polyethylene or PVC. Polyethylene resin wicker is resistant to UV radiation, water, and snow, making it an excellent choice for patio furniture that can be left outside in the winter.

Wicker furniture is not only made of rattan; it can also be constructed of other natural materials such as willow or bamboo, as well as synthetic materials. To manufacture genuine rattan wicker furniture, the plant’s cores are steamed and cut into furniture-making forms. The vine’s strands are also harvested. Their skins are stripped and used for weaving and binding joints.

Before you put it away, clean it.

Before storing your wicker furniture for the winter, make sure you clean it. You may learn how to clean wicker furniture properly by following these steps. This will assist to protect the finish and eliminate any dust or dirt that has accumulated. This will also keep mosquitoes, spiders, and bees away from your patio furniture, ensuring that it looks brand new come spring and summer following year.

time with the wicker outdoor furniture

It’s also a good idea to remove any cushions from your wicker furniture. Remove any ornamental throw pillows that have been placed on the cushions. Removing them off the furniture provides an excellent opportunity to clean them. Here’s an excellent blog post about washing cushions correctly! When summer returns, clean patio cushions can truly revitalize your patio.

Check that the wind isn’t blowing them around.

The weather may be rather severe, and heavy winds might shatter your wicker patio furniture throughout your whole yard. Talk about a backyard makeover! The easiest method to avoid this from happening is to keep them in a garage or other protected place. Here are some suggestions on where to keep your patio furniture throughout the winter:

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Storage unit
  • Friends or family with space
  • Basement
  • Cottage or Cabin

Outdoor Cushion Storage

Your pillows must also be stored, but you don’t want to crush them and flatten them before the next season. To keep your “storage” area from standing out like a sore thumb, place them in complementing wicker cushion storage containers. The aim is to incorporate them into your design. Cushion storage containers have a long life and are made of the same elevated wicker woven as your furniture, so they complement rather than detract from the architectural appeal of your house. If the time comes, you may want to consider getting some additional pillows.