There is nothing more important than knowing what laws are going to cover your flight. You might not realize what you might be heading into if you the flight you are in got covered by a different set of laws. You should stay alert and aware of know more about your flight. To help you learn more, here is all the basic information you need to know.


Why It Is Important

Different continents and countries will have a different set of rules and laws that you should know. For instance, you might not be able to get compensation for any mistakes that the airline made with you because you did not know any better. Thankfully, there are companies like that are very happy to help you get compensation whenever you need it.

You might have a flight that is under EU laws that got canceled, delayed, etc., and you have to be on top of it to get your money back. By knowing more about your rights and what you deserve, you will not suddenly be losing time and money because of the airline. Be sure you are aware if the flight is covered by EU laws, so you know what to do according to the situation.

You could be eligible for a lot of money that you did not know about if your flight got overbooked, canceled or delayed. Did you know that you could even claim your compensation for flights that you had within the last 3 years? You might not even realize that the airport could owe you money that you did not even think about.

Departing or Arriving

Depending on where your flight is departs and arrives, your flight could be covered by the EU laws. For instance, if you were to depart from Austria, then your flight would be covered by EU laws. It does not matter what airline operates the flight that you are in, if it departs from an EU country, it will be covered. While Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are not in the EU they will have the same rules applied to them.

The same goes with the arrival of your flight. If your flight arrives in an EU country like Ireland, then it will get covered by the EU laws. Like mentioned earlier, it will not matter what airline you used to arrive there either, where you came from and the destination will tell you whether the flight got covered by EU laws or not. If the flight that you got does not match any of the things mentioned above, then it will not be covered by the EU laws.

You should never let yourself get pushed into a corner because of “extraordinary circumstances” or not know your rights when you are going to travel. You should be alert and know all about your flight just in case you might need things like compensation. Learn the basics above to make sure you avoid losing money and get what you deserve!