What Is The Best Travel Destination In New Zealand?

What Is The Best Travel Destination In New Zealand?

The greenery of New Zealand makes the country a popular travel destination worldwide. It is best known for its wide greenfield, fresh air, and crystal clear river, making it the most peaceful tour option to escape city pollution. One of the most recommended tourist spots is the holiday park in New Zealand.

Top 10 holiday parks in New Zealand

New Zealand doesn’t have one, but top 10 holiday parks that many people choose to visit. It is the best travel and vacation destination if you are living in the city. One of the most wonderful choices for a staycation is the fresh and peaceful environment of holiday parks in NZ. To reach these holiday parks, you can have a self-drive.

If you have your own transport, you can enjoy the beauty of the main ways to Russell. There are two main ways to get into Rusell, you can choose a short or long drive, depending on your sense of adventure. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind the time spent driving, just to witness the beauty of the place, then you can choose a long drive.

The road to Russell is a very safe place to drive. Thus, travelers choose to provide their own transportation when visiting the place to witness the beautiful view of the area while heading to Russell.

Park facilities

holiday park in New Zealand

Russell has a wide range of facilities offered to travelers. Modern facilities are well-maintained, accompanied by extraordinary customer service. Travelers feel at home with the friendly staff, wifi-accessibility, large and well-equipped camp kitchen, children’s playground, free family activities, and many more. All these are offered, travelers will feel at ease and comfortable while on their stay.

Dog-friendly sites

What makes the holiday park in New Zealand the best tour option? It is the availability of dog-friendly sites, welcoming a family with their pets. Indeed, the holiday park owner understands that pets are family members. So, they provided an open area for travelers who have pets with them. But, there are chosen seasons that they don’t accept pets, during busy holidays like Christmas and New Year and weekends.

Your furry babies are a part of the family and they are welcome to stay with the allocated dog-friendly sites. Although there are limited dog-friendly sites, yet, you have the comfort of not leaving them alone at a pet sitter service.

Holiday park discoveries

Aside from your pets, you can witness the native wildlife in the park, such as the Kiwi, Weka, and some other Faunas find sanctuary. You need to keep your dogs on a lead all the time, while in the park because these native wildlife animals are around.

Your stay at holiday parks in NZ is truly a memorable vacation, worthy to book for your next trip.

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