Massage Tips

When you find yourself on an airplane or in a car for hours at a time, the last thing you want to do is stay hunched over to avoid the discomfort of sitting. The first step towards alleviating any pain and discomfort in 광주출장 is establishing good posture. Having good posture requires that your upper body and neck are aligned with your lower body by keeping yourself tall.

It also requires keeping your shoulders up and away from your ears so that they don’t hang down as well as not leaning forward or pushing back excessively. Here are massage tips for maintaining good posture during a long flight:

Place a pillow or rolled-up jacket under your knees

If you sit with your knees bent for too long, you back will likely experience pain. This is because you are forcing the spine to bend in an unnatural position that it is not used to. Placing a pillow or jacketed jacket under your knees can help with this as well as relieve stress on the lower back and hips.

Massage Techniques

Be mindful of your sitting angle and posture while traveling

When sitting in a chair, the amount of lower back or spine pressure you experience is determined by how far forward you are sitting. If the chair back is too upright, the unsupported lower back will feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if it’s too far forward or reclined, you may notice that your stomach will begin to hang over your jeans and buckle as well as cause pain in your lower back. Maintain a neutral posture while traveling.

Don’t slouch forward onto the tray table

Placing a pillow underneath your head/neck will relieve tension and pain from either a bad sleeping position or slouching. If you are using an inflatable pillow, it may deflate over time, so you should check to make sure it stays full of air once every hour or so.

Stretch regularly when in the seated position

The best time to stretch is while standing, but if you aren’t able to do so, it’s fine to stretch while sitting. Just ensure that you are stretching your entire body as well as your back and neck.

Standing up frequently can relieve pain and tension in the lower back

If you are tired of sitting at one point during a flight, it may be okay to stand up occasionally for a few minutes at a time. Just make sure you stretch your arms and legs as well.

Drink water throughout the flight

Drinking a lot of water helps keep your circulation going as well as helping balance out the salt and potassium levels in your muscles that can cause muscle cramps, tightness, or pain.