Also known as house edge & house take, house advantage in roulette is one of the major income sources for casinos. House edge or advantage refers to the average gross profit a casino can expect from a game. In the present case, we are talking about how it works in roulette. To play roulette with free spins or no deposit bonuses, is the right place.

Let’s understand the house advantage and how it works in roulette.

House advantage

Regardless of the game, you play in a casino, the odds of the casino winning your money are always greater. The games have the built-in advantage of winning the money for casinos, giving them the house advantage. It saves casinos from huge payouts.

Though there’s always a winner at the end of the game, casinos earn their income without losing anything. It further ensures that no player goes bankrupt in a single sitting. The focus is to let every player leave with a little less money rather than losing all his/her money.

House advantage on roulette

House edge or advantage works in favor of the casinos, and the laws enable casinos to earn potential income. But, the casino advantage varies from game to game. Roulette is among the most popular casino games, and it offers a house edge of 5.26% to casinos. Only a few casino games offer a higher house edge to casinos than roulette.

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Roulette has a house advantage of 5.26% for American roulette and 2.6% for European roulette, which means that a casino will earn a little over $50,000 for a $1 million be roulette in a casino. The remaining amount goes back to the players.

House advantage on roulette
House advantage on roulette

The roulette wheel has 37 possible winning numbers from 0-36. When a player bets on a single number, he might get a payout of 35 to 1. One number among these 37 numbers one number (the green zero) is the house edge, meaning that we are paid for 36 numbers. If a player manages to win the bet, the payout will be 1/37 — 2.7% lower.

When you bet on an even red and manage to win, you get a payout of 18/37 because there are 18 even and 18 odds while one zero. This means that your chances of winning are 48.7% and not 50%. The same goes for odd black numbers.

When you bet on a single number in roulette and win the bet, you’re paid 2.7% less than the actual payout. This 2.7% is the house advantage of the casino, which is not unfair to you. This is their earning, which is protected by the casino laws. Casinos earn through house advantage and pay their bills with this income.