It is understated to conclude that the current owners of (NYSE: AMC at Entertainment were on a rollaway trip in the last one year or so because the share price of AMC during this time has become highly unpredictable.

AMC’s proposed issuing and selling of 500 million additional shares, having $1.1 billion of cash currently on the budget, will have a major dilution impact by doubling the company’s outstanding shares. The sales side expects the income of AMC to rebound by FY 2023 to pre-COVID levels and the promising outcomes of the business survey for the members of its film club and the Chinese strong box office by 2021.

The Chinese New Year era proposes customers’ imminent return to film theatres.For me AMC’s a HOLD. In order to revive the US film industry, AMC Entertainment remains the leading supplier for the market in terms of its scale. But the market has already priced mostly as a ‘reopening game’ on optimistic AMC-related products, as the stock value multiples are higher than before-COVID. Furthermore, there is speculation about the possible possible issue and selling of AMC’s shares.


AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc is recognised in the group’s media publications, as being ‘the world’s biggest film entertainment company in the U.S.’ and ‘with about 1,000 theatres and 10,700 screens worldwide.’ As for the income mix, AMC Entertainment generated 75 percent of its US and foreign EBITDA in 2019 and 25 percent respectively. (NYSE: AMC)Entertainment has a minimum of 400 screens in every of those overseas markets, including UK, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

In view of the adverse effect of the coronavirus pandemic on company activities of AMC Entertainment in FY 2020, I have applied the figures of FY 2019 as the basis of the balance of sales and income of AMC.

Share Sale Potential

In a proxy statement released by AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc, on 19 March, 2021, it was emphasised that at its annual shareholders meeting on 4 May 2021, AMC plans to receive “the authorization to issu” approvals from its shareholders of 500 million new shares. AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

While I know about the company’s reasoning for acceptance of the proposed share approval, for a variety of reasons I am also against the future sales of (NYSE: AMC)Entertainment Holdings.

One important explanation is that the sale raises questions about the financial resources and liquidity of AMC Entertainment as well as about the group’ s capacity to cope with the emerging film theatre storm. This is important because there is little guarantee of how long COVID-19 would take to be stored effectively. You can check more stocks like nyse ccl at